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Del Baker League NL Pennant Race

Post by jacktoast » Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:22 pm

The National League pennant race is a four team race after thirteen games. A small sample, but fans in those cities don't care because their home boys are off to a good start. The Cubs and Buffs are tied for first place with 10-3 records. The Buffs have won nine of their last ten games, while the Cubbies have been victories in seven of ten.

The Colorado Buffs made two trades, both with Miami, first getting a veteran center fielder, Bill Langston (.231 1 3), a better defensive player in center field than anyone they already have, for Tommy Kenichi (.286 0 1) who can still rake with the bat, but his defensive range has diminished.

The second transaction involved Colorado dospatching two players to Miami, good hit no field infielder Henry Silber (.400 0 4) and minor league infielder Bill Shields, to Miami for one of the two All Star caliber third baseman possessed by Miami; Billy Small (.286 0 1 Small's numbers reflect the scaricty of regular playing time with 24 year old Cal Mason is placing his brand on the position.

Colorado has a set infield and so Small was told before the trade that the plan was for him was he would be used on a regular basis as a swiss army knife, playing all four positions to keep a good bat in the lineup when one of the regulars is resting.

Colorado 4 Braves 2

In their last game before those trades were made, the Buffs played a game down in Georgia against the Braves.The Braves started right hander Mark Briggs against The Buffs' Chet Poole.

Poole gave the Buffs eight innings giving up two runs on six hits with eleven strikeouts and two walks to go 2-0 w/a 2.38 ERA in the young season.

Colorado took a 1-0 lead in the second inning when Brandon Fuller led off with his 5th homerun off Briggs (3rd allowed by Briggs).

Atlanta took a 2-1 lead one inning later. Aramis Metcalf led off with a double that rattled around in the left field corner. Catcher Frank Kolb singled to center field driving in Metcalf. Robert Shirley singled past shortstop Yordon Castillo. Kolb to third base. Randy Pagnozzi grounded out to third baseman Butch Dawley. Shirley to second base. Kolb scored on a sacrifice fly to center field.

3-2 Atlanta.

The lead changed hands for the third time in the 5th inning. First baseman Jim Carreno singled to left field. Reggie Pritchard bunted for a base hit. Butch Dawley flied out to center field John Gentry and Brandon Fuller popped out to shortstop Bob Kingsale. Randy Dietz walked to load the bases.hideo Ohmura doubled to right field driving in two runs. (Jim Carreno and Reggie Prichard scored).

Mark Briggs departed (4.2 9H 3R/3ER 3BB/5SO). Chad Dixon came in with with runners on second and third and one out to get pitcher Chet Poole to liene out to Kingsale.

Colorado 3-2.

Butch Dawley took Al Goodman deep in the 9th for Colorado, his 7th, and the 2nd allowed by Gooman.

Charlie Zuber got the 9th inning call and earned his seocnd save registering his 2nd save.

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